Sarah Kammoun


Bachelor of Health Science/Master of Physiotherapy, Western Sydney University, Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence & Pelvic Health), Curtin University (March 2022 – current)

Sarah is a dedicated physiotherapist who is proficient at communicating and building rapport with her patients. She consistently provides evidence-based and patient-centred treatment approaches to ensure her patients are getting the best possible care.

Sarah’s passion for Women’s Health physiotherapy was ignited whilst training at Royal Hospital for Women to set up an inpatient post-natal physiotherapy perineal tear service at The Sutherland Hospital. Since then Sarah has been working in private practice treating incontinence, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy care & recovery, lower back and pelvic pain.

Sarah is very focused towards pursuing her passion in educating and empowering women to achieve their health goals and make a substantial impact on improving their quality of life. Sarah adapts her detailed, persistent and caring nature to create a safe space for patients to share their health concerns.

Outside of the clinic, Sarah enjoys reading, writing poetry, dancing, hiking and admiring art exhibitions.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Post Graduate Training

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence (4 days, Advanced Pelvic Floor, WHTA) June 2022
  • Overactive Bladder (3 day, Advanced Pelvic Floor, WHTA) March 2022
  • Anorectal Dysfunction (4 day, Advanced Pelvic Floor, Prof Marc Gladman and Taryn Hallum, WHTA), December 2021
  • Pelvic Floor – Implications Regarding Exercise, Sport & Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (2 days, Advanced Pelvic Floor, WHTA), October 2021
  • 2021 Pelvic Floor Research Update (2 days, The Female Pelvic Floor, WHTA), September 2021
  • Coccyx Pain – An Integrated Approach, Angela James. Sydney Pelvic Clinic – August 2021
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Pilates (Polestar Pilates) August 2021- Current
  • National Third and Fourth Degree Perineal Tears Clinical Care Standard – Webinar 2021
  • Better Pain Management Modules 1-3, Faculty of Pain Medicine, ANZCA
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women: Tackling Barriers – Hedwig Neels
  • Pelvic Floor Support and Function in Strength Training – Lori Forner
  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy through the Life Stages Physiotherapy Level 1 – APA
  • Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Level 1 – APA
  • Liverpool Hospital – Introduction to Hospital Based Women’s Health Physiotherapy Conference
  • Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy Level 1 – APA

Pelvis & Lumbar Spine & other Musculoskeletal Post Graduate Training

  • Treatment of Cervical, Thoracic Spine and Cage – Advanced Manual Therapy Associates

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