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Are you looking for a women’s health physiotherapy position where you can be part of a friendly, warm and fun team of dedicated physiotherapists? Are you passionate about staying at the forefront of research and providing the highest level of care to assist women live their best quality of life every day?

Are you keen to be a member of an awesome team and enjoy the camaraderie and counsel of your Secret Women’s Business (SWB) teammates?

Are you keen for a part time or full time position in a Monday to Friday private practice job where you can enjoy weekends off?

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Our SWB Physiotherapy Team
Our SWB Physiotherapy Team

About Working with SWB

Our dedicated SWB physio team work to give each and every client that walks through our door the best holistic care available through evidence based practice. At SWB we see a huge variety of conditions with varying levels of complexity. We work closely with not only the patient, but their GP and specialists involved in their case.

Our practice is well established and we do get many complex cases that require our therapists to have superior clinical reasoning skills and an openness and willingness to learn more in this very exciting area of physiotherapy. Our physio team are empathic and excellent listeners. We meet each and every one of our patients wherever they may be on their pelvic health journey with compassion and dedication to improving their quality of life.

Every day we improve the quality of life of many women and we want to help more! In order to do this, we need great physios who love to learn and grow, and who are ready to take on a new challenge each day.

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If you are unsure what type of appointment you need or can’t find a suitable time, please call reception on (02) 9543 8090 as we may have other options available. We can also add you to our active waitlist.

A reminder about our cancellation policy:

As you can appreciate, our practitioners have allocated a specific time to see you. As a result, please be aware that there is a 50% cancellation fee with less than 24 hours notice. A full consultation fee will be charged if an appointment is not attended without notice.

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